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  • Q. I can't see the video, it says I need a plugin, where do I get it?
  • A. To view the video, you need to have VLC installed on your computer. Click on the button "Get VLC" to download it.
  • Q. I am using Mozilla Firefox and VLC is installed, but I still get the "no plugin" message, what should I do?
  • A. You should restart the VLC installation and make sure to select yourself the "Mozilla Plugin" during the process.
  • Q. I can hear the sound but I don't see the video, what do I do?
  • A. If the sound is not cutting, the video will come. It can take a few minutes though, just wait.
  • Q. I have sound but it's cutting, what do I do?
  • A. Try pressing Stop and then Play, if it doesn't work, maybe your Internet route is not strong enough.
  • Q. The video just froze, what should I do?
  • A. Try pressing Pause and then Play if you are in VSD mode. If the problem persists, it could be due to your Internet route not being strong enough.
  • Q. Can I put the video in fullscreen mode?
  • A. Yes, simply double-click the video and it will appear in fullscreen. To quit the fullscreen mode, double-click again or press ESC on your keyboard.
  • Q. Any special options I can use with the chat?
  • A. Type "/help" in the chat message and press enter to get a list of the possible commands.
  • Q. What are the VSD and LIVE mode?
  • A. VSD means "Video On Demand" (check the VSD tab for available videos) and LIVE means Streaming Live. When the LIVE mode is on, the following functionnalities are disabled: SELECT, PAUSE, SLOWER, FASTER.
  • Q. Wow! I am amazed! Who should I thank for this?
  • A. Greenseed and Naomi are the ones who have been making all this available to you.
  • Q. I would like to make a donation, but I don't have Paypal, what can I do?
  • A. You can donate directly to the following Desjardins account:
    Country: Canada
    Province: Quebec
    Nom: Caisse Desjardins Atwater-Centre
    Transit: 30001
    Compte: 037-569-1.
  May 28 
TN Pittsburgh Penguins   3   1 1 1      
  Detroit Red Wings   2   0 1 1      
  May 31 
 20:00 Pittsburgh Penguins                  
  Detroit Red Wings                  
  June 2 
 20:00 Detroit Red Wings                  
  Pittsburgh Penguins                  

Aleajecta VSD b0.3.2


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This site will go into LIVE! mode at each Montreal Canadiens (Habs) Match.

LIVE! mode will stream realtime match on the main web page into a VLC module.

When LIVE! mode isn't activated, the web page gets in VSD (VOD) mode.

VSD (VOD) stands for "Video On Demand", which means you will be able to choose from the VSD (VOD) tab any of the available Montréal Canadiens (Habs) match you want to see.

We keep archives of every game we streamed in LIVE! mode.

Aleajecta VSD (VOD) is a complete solution for Live Streaming and Video On Demand!
Hope you Enjoy!

Special Thanks Goes to:

  • RDS to present every match ;)
  • Pierre et Yvon for the great ambiance ;)
  • Canadiens de Montréal for being more then what we think we are ;)

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